ORE Token

Contract Address: 0x8e2d8f40818fbaba663db6a24fb9b527fc7100be

A portion of ORE Tokens will be initially pre-purchased by the project. These tokens will not only be used to help uplift the project and those involved but to also show that there is long-term support for the project. These tokens will remain locked for 90 days after the initial launch date and the wallet addresses for holders will be disclosed.

5% of the tokens will be placed in a project/marketing support wallet. This five percent will be used for the hiring of people, marketing support, and teams to organize targeted engagements with game developers, and the creation of ORE System architecture. These tokens will be locked for 14 days after the initial launch. As the ORE Project reaches its marketing goals, the remaining balance will be redistributed to all token holders. 

6.5% purchased by The ORE System project team and distributed to the original development team for the support, dedication, time, sweat, and tears of making this project happen. Locked for 90 days after the initial launch.

5% holding pool and ORE System NFT* Token holdings with time-locked functions. This percentage will be purchased by the ORE System project group and remain locked for the long-term token growth. This will also allow the ORE System team to create and distribute ORE System NFTs to the community, users, and others for marketing or other purposes to generate interest in the project.

10% of ORE Tokens will be placed in a planned second exchange listing. The ORE Token will be integrated within the ORE Shop for an uncomplicated way to buy and sell tokens. This allows users to control where and how they get their ORE Tokens. Our public policy and procedure for directly reinjecting into the token are clearly outlined and provided. This process takes 100% of ORE Token sales and injects them directly into the Liquidity Pool. This ongoing real-world support ensures the token will continue now and into the future.

* The pool will be locked at 90% for 6 months, 70% of that remains locked for 12 months, 50% remains locked for 24 months, 30% remains locked for 36 months.
* Any usage over 1% of the 5% will be publicly documented and disclosed.
* These will NEVER be used for the withdrawal but will be used to create a valuation of NFTs to be redistributed to the community over time.

Current Tokenomics

As an early token purchaser in the project and the community, YOU will drive the success of the overall ecosystem. By acquiring and holding The ORE Token you will be on the ground floor of a future competitor to the world leaders in the video game space.

  • 3% Redistribution
  • 3% Transaction
  • 2% Burn

ORE System has the vision to not create a token that is an “altcoin” but a real functional item that brings next-gen gaming to the blockchain at scale. With our integrated burn function, we will use a function within our tokens that performs a 2% burn of tokens and then destroy that percentage of tokens forever. This function will only increase as more game developers and gamers begin to use the tokens speeding up this process.

This is not something only for today, not something simply the status quo, but world-changing.

Web Designer 3%
Transaction Fee
Web Designer 3%
Automatic Burn
Web Designer 2%

ORE Token

The ORE Token will be integrated into the next-generation games. The ORE Token will be the hub and the single most important part of the ORE System. Through the ORE Token, the ORE System’s NFTs valuation is created. Within the ORE Forge, the game developer will set a price for the objects, the price is based on the number or percentage of ORE Tokens per item. The ORE Token will be directly available to developers for integration as an in-game currency through simple integrated SDKs available through both Unity and Unreal’s development interfaces.

Going For The High Roll If You Build It, They Will Come

  • Future IPO stock options to the top 100 holders**
  • Future IPO stock options to the 5 longest holders**
  • 1% or above AT TIME OF IPO and 5 longest AT OR OVER that amount
  • Token Owners are NOT required to buy 1% at one time to qualify, this can be collected over the next couple of years as we build to the point of IPO.
  • The owner’s clock starts at the point you reach a 1% holder position.
  • This DOES NOT APPLY to anyone that is part of the development team or previous organization. So if you were a dev or part of KKHackLabs you do not qualify.
  • If someone is both a “largest holder” and a “top holder” they will only receive one stock purchase option, whichever is the better one for them

** Terms, conditions, and restrictions applicable